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The Crossroads Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) is a non-profit Cultural center that utilizes the power of art to transform community. CCAC celebrates and revives African and African American culture, history, and heritage in both the Mississippi Delta and America. The center recognizes that the manipulation of cultural art forms has distorted African American cultural identity and perpetuated racism, including internalized racism. CCAC aims to restore the power of African and African American cultural art forms to heal community.

Transforming with Arts.


CCAC provides professional exhibit opportunities for Delta-based African American artists as well as creative programming for adults and youth. Outreach efforts ensure participation from local youth who do not usually participate in after-school arts programming. A wide variety of art disciplines are showcased and taught. From bottle trees to a diddley bow, the work of established and emerging African American artists in the Mississippi Delta are celebrated at CCAC.

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