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Peace Hand Gesture

Youth Led Healing and Social Change

Clarksdale youth are invited to work together to create and carry out an action plan to address violence, police brutality and mass incarceration. Understand how cultural arts can create a new reality.

Thinking Outside the Trap

Thinking Outside the Trap is a positive rap project. Participants explore the power of rhythmic rhyme from origins in West and Central Africa. Learn the original purpose of the art form and record songs to positively impact the community.

Thinking Outside the Trap
Mississippi River Quapaw Landing


Clarksdale Rites of Passage revives African and indigenous practices of positive initiation into adulthood for teens. CCAC partners with Quapaw Canoe Company to take youth into nature for a transformative experience.

African Origins of the Blues

Artist in Residence Guelel Kumba, a member of the Fulani people of West Africa, shares the ancient history of the Blues in Central and West Africa.

Artist in Residence Guelel Kumba
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