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We are excited to be partnering with @StoryCorps during their Virtual Tour stop in Mississippi! StoryCorps works to record and preserve the stories of individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. Find out more or make a reservation to record at!

In a StoryCorps interview, you and a partner of your choosing are able to record a meaningful conversation about anything that is important to you. You can choose to interview a loved one about their life, or have them interview you! You can record with a friend or colleague to talk about shared experiences, memories, or passions. You can also use the time to reflect on people or events that have played a significant role in your life. A trained StoryCorps facilitator will handle all the technical aspects and guide you through the recording process. After the recording session, you will receive a digital copy of the interview, and with your permission, a second copy will be archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress for future generations to hear. 

This StoryCorps visit will be conducted remotely, meaning the recording process will be utilizing remote video conference technology which will allow you and your conversation partner to see and hear one another during your conversation, and to be joined by a facilitator. Your recording partner can be with you in the same location or can join you from across town, or across the country! 

To learn more about StoryCorps or make a reservation to record, please visit

Crossroads Cultural Arts Center
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